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What annoyed me today
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United States | Apr 20, 12:35 AM

People who put me down because I'm disabled, and not being able to get around because of this disability. The continual pain of it. Worse, a phony doctor did this to me and everyone lied to keep me poor. I hate Christians!
United States | Feb 24, 12:43 PM

loosing my smile, content & peace, by watching people getting annoyed for pity reasons...
Unknown | Feb 1, 8:45 AM

United States | Jan 22, 5:27 PM

spicy food
United States | Apr 7, 1:19 AM

want to be happy but i cannt...
United States | Apr 4, 2:50 PM

United States | Apr 3, 11:25 PM

messy room :/
United States | Apr 3, 2:04 PM

angry people
United States | Apr 3, 12:15 AM

United States | Apr 2, 4:06 PM

United States | Mar 28, 4:58 PM

Nothing. Everything is so cool and I am positive. This site makes people see the negative. No cool. .... Law of Attraction.
United States | Mar 11, 6:41 PM

that i couldn't study today as well... :P
United States | Jan 3, 8:23 PM

I woke up
United States | Jan 2, 8:37 AM

Being so damned bored and lonely. Nothing to do, no one to talk to, especially who I really wanted to see,
United States | Oct 29, 1:04 AM

Finding a website that talks about what annoyed me today.
United States | Sep 29, 1:54 AM

Day light saving
Nepean, Ontario, Canada | Nov 7, 7:01 PM

Nepean, Ontario, Canada | Nov 7, 5:10 PM

you all should stop complaining and get over it. Most of these are not big deals that do not even matter in the long run
Unknown | Nov 5, 2:36 AM

Lack of sleep
Melbourne, Florida, United States | Oct 8, 2:40 PM

a "friend" who ignores you, and when you ignore them back, they get mad.
Unknown | Sep 22, 10:58 PM

People that force their culture on us. Today is an AMERICAN HOLIDAY!!!! So, climb back over the fence, turn around, don't drown!! GOD BLESS THE USA!!!
Orangeville, Pennsylvania, United States | Sep 4, 2:29 PM

People that can lie and still smile about it as if they believe it's the truth they are talking.
Orangeville, Pennsylvania, United States | Aug 5, 7:00 AM

People that fail to listen to reason!
Orangeville, Pennsylvania, United States | Aug 2, 3:35 PM

People who play the pity card constantly.
Unknown | Jul 30, 6:10 PM

  • You're not kiddin'!!! from Orangeville, Pennsylvania, United States

When you can expect more out of a stranger, than you can from your own family!!!
Orangeville, Pennsylvania, United States | Jul 28, 7:28 AM

People that "THINK" you're stupid!!!
Orangeville, Pennsylvania, United States | Jul 27, 5:13 AM

people ignoring scientific evidence just so they can undermine my opinion
Unknown | Jul 25, 1:48 AM

  • Yes--The stupid people who believe instead of think from United States

People that KNOW they are doing the WRONG thing, and walk around like it's nothing.!!!
Orangeville, Pennsylvania, United States | Jul 23, 8:43 AM

When you can expect more out of strangers than you can from your own family. :-((
Orangeville, Pennsylvania, United States | Jul 17, 5:23 PM

tescos didn't have any pepsi raw desperados! total shopping fail!
Unknown | Jul 17, 5:06 PM

people and their stank ass attitudes....thinking that the world owes them for their unorganized lives
Rochester, New York, United States | Jul 11, 9:59 PM

when your talking to someone and they dont answer back, and its makes you feel like your talking to yourself >:|
Zephyrhills, Florida, United States | Jul 11, 9:58 PM

  • i wrote that :P from Zephyrhills, Florida, United States

When you can expect more out of strangers than you can get from your own family. :-( (Scranton, PA)
Orangeville, Pennsylvania, United States | Jul 11, 9:11 PM

Movies being so expensive! Plan a fun day out with the kids and end up spending over 100.00 on tickets and food...then the movie wasn't that good.
United States | Jul 10, 9:28 PM

Unknown | Jul 9, 8:18 PM

The fact that grown adults still act like children....Taddle Tales....
Unknown | Jul 8, 10:53 PM

My dad called Dish to cancel service in a few weeks when we get a different service. they refused, so he yelled. they disconnected no tv for a while!
Unknown | Jul 8, 9:42 PM

my brother.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada | Jul 8, 9:03 PM

lack of respect and aducation from citizens in my country
Unknown | Jul 4, 6:55 PM

  • as the population increases, people cease to be concerned with others. from United States
  • Not only your country, its a growing problem across the globe. In fact the word respect will eventually be taken out of dictionary as it'll become an extinct specie. from Nepean, Ontario, Canada

this lady at work who constantly calls every girl chika!!! i want to slap her. chika this, chika that...ima slap the chika out of her!
Wake Forest, North Carolina, United States | Jun 30, 6:50 PM

  • Also annoying is people who call everyone "hun". I once worked with a girl (telemarketing) and we averaged it out to 1 "hun" every 17 seconds from United States
  • I suggest you do slap the chika out of her as soon as possible. It sure is annoying from Penang, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

my best friend grinding with the guy i have a thing with then not telling me and thinking nothing was wrong with the whole situation
Unknown | Jun 29, 10:19 PM

Feeling loved and used by a man all in the same breath.
Taylors, South Carolina, United States | Jun 29, 9:18 PM

not being able to sit comfortably because my whole body is sun burnt and i look like a lobster.
Wake Forest, North Carolina, United States | Jun 29, 9:17 PM

a very stupid man who thinks he is alll that and he is NOT, fall back!
Unknown | Jun 29, 9:06 PM

My well pump went out and I've never had to prime it before. The most annoying thing is not KNOWING how to fix it....
Tiskilwa, Illinois, United States | Jun 27, 7:19 PM

rhys faces
Unknown | Jun 25, 5:58 PM

My friends adding my boyfriend and bugging him Ohdeee
Brentwood, New York, United States | Jun 24, 9:19 PM

It doesn't feel like the last day of school! It feels as if I have to wake up early and head to the bus stop again tomorrow!!!
Barnegat, New Jersey, United States | Jun 24, 9:16 PM

Stupid people being lazy during swim practice while i work my butt off!
Denair, California, United States | Jun 24, 9:16 PM

getting screwed over for a position I wanted. The boss hired an extended relative. Puke!!!
Milton, Florida, United States | Jun 24, 9:16 PM

Someone who comes to my house to do a job and does it poorly.
Bellevue, Nebraska, United States | Jun 23, 9:14 PM

annoyed by annoyed people, it's contagious
Hope Mills, North Carolina, United States | Jun 22, 8:21 PM

parents tell me sunday they wil take me to the movies tuesday. tuesday comes oh i dont fell like it i got i headache and i want a nap before i go to work.
Kansas City, Kansas, United States | Jun 22, 8:18 PM

my baee made my day!
Unknown | Jun 18, 12:19 AM

that anoyin kid in my math class mr mood ring!
Unknown | Jun 17, 10:45 PM

those voters who did not take the opportunity to use their voice today in our band elections.
Unknown | Jun 17, 10:05 PM

had a fight with ma lovers best friend
Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh | Jun 16, 3:04 AM

my lover
Unknown | Jun 16, 2:22 AM

not getting any explaination...nothing!
La Fayette, New York, United States | Jun 15, 8:53 PM

getting out of bed at 6 AM, I hate mornings....
United States | Jun 15, 8:43 PM

  • me 3 from Nepean, Ontario, Canada

Coming home alone again
Madison, Wisconsin, United States | Jun 15, 8:37 PM

President talking about BP oil spill and saying we will never let this happen again and they said that after the Exxon Valdez oil spill who are they kidding.
United States | Jun 15, 8:36 PM

Boone, North Carolina, United States | Jun 15, 8:36 PM

  • I annoy myself at times to. Yeah guess i am among the people. Just not today! from Boone, North Carolina, United States
  • So you are not among the people? Are you an alien from the outer space? from Nepean, Ontario, Canada

People annoyed me today!
Fort Myers, Florida, United States | Jun 15, 8:36 PM

When the pizza guy delivered our pizza to the wrong address, so we had to wait 1 and 45 minutes and when they finally showed up he couldn't understand why he didn't get a tip!
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States | Jun 15, 8:36 PM

All the lack of Common Sense and inconsideration among us.
Orangeville, Pennsylvania, United States | Jun 15, 8:35 PM

grand theft auto 4's last level
Seattle, Washington, United States | Jun 15, 8:35 PM

My parents cussing!
Kennesaw, Georgia, United States | Jun 15, 8:34 PM

the phone ringing off the hook!
Unknown | Jun 14, 9:45 PM

my inability to give them space because it hurts so bad.
Ivel, Kentucky, United States | Jun 14, 8:51 PM

My boyfriend(?) who tells everyone how much he loves me and that we are together but hasn't talke to me in over a week.
Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, United States | Jun 14, 8:50 PM

My girlfriend won't call me
Huntsville, Texas, United States | Jun 14, 8:49 PM

people with no compassion....
Unknown | Jun 13, 9:47 PM

i thought mayonase would go well with pizza ... i thought wrong .... god dammit !
Unknown | Jun 13, 3:27 PM

lads who dump you without a reason, or have a reason but you know theres more behind the reason he's given you.
Tonbridge, Kent, United Kingdom | Jun 11, 8:44 PM

These appose to be "14 year olds" boy talking ish behind my back cause he mad that he at DAYCARE ! So I had to put him back in his place .
Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States | Jun 11, 8:43 PM

some one calling and txting me and i did not know who the heck it was!!!!!!
Spokane, Washington, United States | Jun 11, 8:43 PM

Telling someone not to do something, but they do it anyway.
United States | Jun 11, 8:43 PM

people who gossip
Ludlow, Massachusetts, United States | Jun 11, 8:42 PM

back home -__-
Jiddah, Makkah, Saudi Arabia | Jun 11, 2:22 PM

Other people judging me, and thinking they are better than me!
Nepean, Ontario, Canada | Jun 11, 1:32 PM

Knowing that my ex loves me and doesn't do anything to get back to me
Roslindale, Massachusetts, United States | Jun 11, 8:25 AM

people that make fun of other people
Drummondville, Quebec, Canada | Jun 10, 8:42 PM

i"m so bored
Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | Jun 9, 5:52 AM

City of Ottawa's city counsel. Why would they award someone 5 million dollar **initial** renovation of Landsdowne park for 68 million.
Lavaltrie, Quebec, Canada | Jun 8, 1:11 PM

  • Because people in Ottawa grow money in their backyards, a lot of it :) from Melbourne, Florida, United States

Government of Canada's spending of 1 billion plus dollars on security of 2 day G20 summit in Toronto.
Melbourne, Florida, United States | Jun 8, 1:01 PM

  • Of course it won't. Its just a picnic of the thieves. from
  • This is how they waste public money on their own luxuries. And does anybody think the summit/meeting will benefit any single person in the world in any way? from Melbourne, Florida, United States

waking up yet again!!!! with a sore back from sleeping on a awfully uncomfortable mattress.....uuuuggghhhhh i need a new one....
Unknown | Jun 7, 7:33 AM

people not knowing what a turn signal on a vehicle is actually for..
United States | Jun 5, 9:30 PM

Someone thinking they cared but um they don't.
Vernal, Utah, United States | Jun 5, 9:27 PM

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